Fun Items from Amazon

These are items that I have either bought or would like to buy from Amazon:
(unfortunately, it looks like adblockers could keep you from seeing them, so you need to disable if necessary)

These little adorable charms can be put on ribbon and attached to the tops of bookmarks.

Of course you HAVE to have an official Weyers Cave mug!

This little globe lights up very brightly and is quite detailed! Runs on batteries.

You need a crown, don’t you! Don’t we all!

Fingerlights are inexpensive and a lot of fun for children. I do worry about very small children swallowing parts that break off, so I superglue them together when I get them.

What is life without really GREAT dark chocolates!

Look carefully. This clock is BACKWARDS! Sure to blow the mind of the uber intelligencia! I love it!

My little friend Hex runs where ever he wants and gives great lessons to children on having a goal in life! Doesn’t like carpet too much, though.

A nice dark Belgian chocolate! Mmmmmm….

TENS units are tremendous for old people pain. Inexpensive. And you just put the electrodes on the skin and let her rip. Very quick relief from many kinds of pain!

Speaking of old people pain, this Biomat has InfraRed warmth that is better than any hotpad. And they say it helps you heal. I accidentally dropped and broke mine and was LOST until I could replace it. Heaven! The larger sizes, though expensive, are worth it!

I have bought several headsets. This is one of my favorites, and it is pretty as well.

Blatant plug for a new book from a friend of a friend. Be sure to leave feedback (and tell me what you think)

Timers that are a little different

And everyone needs a flux capacitor, only $9,999 plus shipping

I found this nice little “frother”. It is well made and would make a cute gift. Good for stirring up hot chocolate! If you are talented, you can make designs with the cream.