A Stories

A was the oldest by two years, so we were best buddies that whole time. He would talk all the time. Here are some gems:

“All the talk is out of my mouth” (when he was tired of talking.

All buildings were “houses”: the firehouse, the church house, the grocery house… and his favorite was the durpee house because we would go get slurpees there from time to time.

“I want to smoke. It looks like fun”. After several weeks of temper tantrums (he saw people smoking when we delivered Meals on Wheels together), I gave in, asked a senior for one cigarette, and let him smoke it in the garage. He was three. I told him beforehand it was nasty, he would hate it, and it wasn’t cool at all. He learned to believe me, at least for a while!

The day after his brother was home from the hospital for the first time, I found him sleeping by the crib. “Now I never have to be lonely again.”