B Stories

Be was an incredible kid. He didn’t talk until he was three, but before that, he had cut out an entire 3D farm free-form from scrap paper, including the animals, barn and fence. One of the stupidest things I ever did was throw it away, especially without taking a picture first.

He would always draw a house with the front wall off, showing the action taking place in all the rooms.

When he first went in for speech therapy, he had to take an IQ test. One question was “What is a donkey?” He answered in great detail. He looks like a horse, only smaller. And if he has babies with a horse, then they are mules or asses, but we aren’t allowed to say that word.

After the test, the administrators came to me and said “Your child is very smart.” I said they obviously say that to all the parents. The administrator was taken aback, and admitted that was true. “But,” he said, “in this case it is really true. He has apraxia, which means he will never be a great sports star. But an astrophysicist, yes. He is really brilliant. ¬†His brain moves at 100 miles an hour, but his nerves only synapse about 20 miles an hour. ¬†Apraxia, by the way, is basically a clinical diagnosis of klutz.