C Stories

C is incredible. She was talking CLEARLY in prepositional phrases on her first birthday.

When her sister was born, she woke up the next morning and announced “Okay, we can keep this one, but just so you know, this is the last baby we will have in this house!”

She changed her name several times, including Monkey and Princess.

C was a thumbsucker. “You suck with the right, you twirl with the left” she would say. Yes, she twirled the hair with her other hand. I told her three year olds don’t suck their thumbs. I told her sadly that if she kept sucking her thumb, I would have to cut it off. She knew her birthday was coming. On the morning of her third birthday, she woke up with her thumb in her mouth. She came to me in all earnestness and told me I would have to cut it off. (I didn’t)

I used to try to teach C her letters. “This is an S. It says SSSSS like Snake! And it twists around like a snake, too!” She would have none of it. “That game is boring” she would announce. Then my friend gave me an old Dick and Jane book. I went through, pointing out the words. She had just turned four. She was SO EXCITED! Wow! These letters had a purpose. That day, she read half the book. The next day, she had finished it. There was NO stopping her. She read anything and everything. But she looked at the shape of the WORD and got the meaning from it. If she got “father” wrong she would say “daddy”. It took a while to get her to sound out new words phonetically. She would yell out from the next room “Mom, what is e-l-e-p-h-a-n-t?”  and I would say elephant and she had it forever. I have never seen anything like it. She was always a terrific speller. And in first grade, they kept trying to test her “reading level” but gave up when she was at the tenth grade level (the first month of school). Ironically, she still sucked her thumb!

C loves ponies. She watched the My Little Pony movie every. single. day. To this day, she has quite the collection.

C: Mom, are boys good for ANYthing?  Me: Yes, for killing spiders. C: (ponders) Okay, we’ll keep dad around for the spiders, but we can PLEASE get rid of A and B?

C started high school at 12 and turned 13 a week later. But she was really not ready for it emotionally. Academically, top of the class. Emotionally, she was lost. Fortunately, the wonderful band leader gave her a place where she felt welcome. Also, her sewing skills were already quite good, so she had a series of LOUD vests and wore one every day. And she changed her name to “Bob, the Admiral SIR with a salute”. Her sense of humor and originality always shown!