Covid Hypocrisy

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Nine Facts Explode the COVID Hoax 
Do you trust the public health authorities, who:
Lied about the Virus
Lied about viral loads
Lied about transmissibility
Lied about superspreaders
Lied about asymptomatic carriers
Lied about Lockdowns 1.0
Lied about the PCR tests
Lied about mortality rates
Lied about the effectiveness of masks
Lied about treatments other than vaccines
Lied about Lockdowns 2.0
The business shutdowns and shelter-in-place narratives were going to be temporary. Remember?
States without mask mandates better off than those with mask mandates.

1. Did you know COVID isn’t the name of the virus?
The virus is named SARS-CoV-2
COVID-19 means: “Certificate of Vaccine Identification”
2. Did you know Masks don’t work?
If Masks work there would be no rise in “cases”
Masks don’t stop the spread of nano-size particles
Masks negatively impact breathing:
– Breathe in 20% less oxygen
– Rebreathe 400 times lung waste
Bacterial infections in the lungs are on the rise

3. Did you know Lockdowns don’t work?
Lockdowns “destroy what makes us human”
Lockdowns “kill as many people as COVID” – CDC
Lockdowns harm the economic engine of society
4. Did you know the CDC lumped the Flu with COVID statistics?
CDC no longer counts seasonal flu or other respiratory illnesses?
CDC counts all respiratory illnesses and viruses under COVID-19 umbrella
COVID-19 has “no effect on deaths in the U.S.” – CDC partner John Hopkins University study
5. Did you know the PCR tests are fraudulent?
PCR tests “should not be used to diagnose viruses” – inventor Kary Mullis
PCR tests are inaccurate
PCR tests pick up nano-fragments of other diseases, not only coronavirus
PRC tests produce 50% wrong data – CDC
– 30% false positives
– 20% false negatives
6. Did you know the COVID “Cases” numbers are a lie?
The world is now suffering a Pandemic of “false positives”
Only 1 in 3 “excess deaths” cause by COVID-19
Only “6% of deaths caused by COVID-19 alone.” – CDC
7. Did you know some officials want to require a Vaccine Passport to travel?
People will soon need COVID Vaccine Passports to travel
Employers could demand employees show proof of COVID vaccines to work
Businesses could demand patrons show proof of COVID vaccines to enter
8. Do you know what’s in COVID Vaccines?
Many ingredients are being withheld
9. Do you know the outcome of COVID Vaccine trials?
100% side effects Phase II trials
Death in some patients
No unhealthy people tested
No elderly people over 71 years old tested