Wow, I can’t believe all the hats I wear and have worn in my adult life. Wife and mother, church member, musician, programmer, dental office manager, packer for a moving company, waitress, seamstress, scout leader, president of a civic organization, cook, charitable event organizer, webmistress, herbalist, gardener, secretary, president of children’s church group, world traveler, polyglot, editor, political junky, substitute teacher, computer tutor, inside salesman, counselor, published author, chemist, volunteer, photographer …  I am sure there are many more.

Recently, I took back the programmer hat I had hung up 15 years ago and am working 40 hours a week on ObamaCare implementation programming.  That is a big heavy, clunky hat and I am glad it is just temporary!

Meanwhile, I continue to have seniors call me to help with problems, as well as people wanting me to design and print flyers and handouts, and friends just wanting to talk.  I am jack of all trades and master of none.

I still want to do it all. Learn more about anything and everything, enjoy traveling and performing, sew, really master herbs. There are not enough hours in a day, days in a week, weeks in a year or years in a life. Too many friends to make, places to see, things to do. Too many hats are in my closet and they are overflowing onto the floor. Some lovely ones neglected in the back. Some being damaged. Others long-forgotten.

These hats (memories) bring me great joy. I hate that I can really only wear one at a time, maybe two. On of my favorites is making a costume, wearing it, and performing music with an interactive audience! And those hats are real!

For the record, I do collect hats. I have three large bins of them, plus the ones that don’t fit. Magic hats, silly chicken hats, jester hats, tall pointy Medieval ones — all kinds.

Oh, well, back to work! *puts on the heavy programmers hat*