Is God Real?

I remember early in my 20s when I was discussing God with an older couple. They told me they used to believe in God, but then a friend lost their child in a tragic car accident and they realized no good God would allow that to happen, so there must not be a God.

My brother, born angry at the world, insists that if he ever were able to meet my “made up” God face to face, he would give him an F for how he made a planet where wars and injustice exist.

I know many people who were married and the marriages didn’t work out. They blame God and lost what faith they had.

Somehow, the idea has gotten across that God owes everyone in the world a lifetime unlimited supply of sunshine and roses. This life is meant to be one happy vacation and everything will be “fair” to everyone. If not, there is no God.

News Bulletin: There IS a God. He DOES love each of his children on the earth, with a love far greater than we have for our own children. BUT that doesn’t mean any life will be perfect.

We allow our children to fall down when they are learning to walk. We let them go outside where they might be stung by a bee. We take them to the doctor and insist they have shots so that they won’t get sick. We send them to boring classes. We wash their hair, take them to the dentist, and insist they go to bed when they don’t want to. It has been said “The better the parent, the meaner they are!” (Not true when taken to extremes, of course.)

Life is not fair, and wasn’t meant to be. But our God knows us and gives us the trials he knows each child spirit of his needs. We can stomp our feet, put our fingers over our ears, and yell “it’s not fair” as much as we want. The fact is, that God is still real. And he still loves us. And when we are ready to calm down and come back to him, he is there for us.

In the meantime, we are punishing ourselves by not allowing him to make our trials easier. Yes, others let us down. The world isn’t fair. Yes, life has its ups and downs. But the love of God is constant, real, and necessary to make life livable.

If this life were “all” there is to our existence, then there is no God and it doesn’t matter. But this is just a temporary proving ground for our eternal existence, so God DOES matter.

I feel sorry for those who pretend there is no God. You can’t go outside and look at the stars without seeing it is true. The war between science and religion is ridiculous. Science is nothing more than the study of what God has put together on this earth. When the two don’t match up, either we don’t know enough about science or we don’t know enough about God.

When people feel God has let them down, introspection will reveal that someone else let them down. Or often, they have let themselves down. They made decisions that were against what is right, whether they knew it or not. Or someone else has made bad decisions. To be happy and go on with their lives, they need to forgive to get the burden off their shoulders. Carrying a grudge and blaming God are counterproductive.

The first step, then, in learning that there is a God, is praying and then listening for an answer. Looking for the good in everything, being grateful for the blessings we have, recognizing others as spirit children of God, and beautiful music can all help us remember God.

Many people say that God can’t be real because he isn’t proven by science. You can’t see him, touch him, etc. My answer is that science has no explanation for love. It is not explained by evolution. You can’t measure it, feel it, there is no scientific basis for it. But it exists. And it is God’s greatest gift to us. And when we share it, it comes back.

He is real. He is there. He loves you. Share it.