I am flummoxed at the divisiveness the mask hysteria is creating. When the Coronavirus-19 15-day shutdown was announced in March, we were told masks would NOT help and save them for the hospitals. They didn’t have enough. Fauci, the leader of the Coronavirus mayhem was adamant that they WOULD NOT HELP. Study after study proved that cloth masks do NOT help and let the virus sail through with ease.

In less than a few weeks he was saying they were absolutely necessary. With a disgusting twist. If you wear them, you aren’t protecting yourself as much as the person beside you. You *might* be asymptomatic and it would protect them. So if you don’t wear them, you are a bad person spreading this disease that will kill three percent of the population.

And now, seven months down the line, there are all kinds of “convenient” studies paid for by those who want to keep the masks going that all “prove” the masks work! Meanwhile, those who disagree are silenced and the name-calling starts: old people killers, conspiracy theorists, science deniers.

And the big question is why?

“Conspiracy theorists” have answers. But nobody else does.