Offense as a Weapon

The more I think about Offense, the more I realize that Left is using it as a weapon. They have declared themselves Morally Superior and therefore, THEY refuse to allow others to offend them, but choose to offend religious and truly moral people at every opportunity. And the sad thing is, that they get away from it because they moral people are too kind to call them on it!

The double standard is ludicrous!

Hillary Clinton is a Woman’s Rights Champion when it comes to sexual harassment and rape allegations. Unless, of course, the allegations are against her husband.

Gays shop around to find someone who doesn’t agree with their “marriages” and then insist they have a legal right to change theĀ minds of those who disagree with them!

American flags in schools are offensive to some Mexicans who insist they be removed. Students may not wear red, white and blue. But the Mexicans can wear their flags, because that is being open-minded.

Cars going down the street can belt out filthy language in their music or bumper stickers, but the drivers freak out if they see a nativity or the word “God.”

Some people have declared “Merry Christmas” offensive. (Personally, I find Happy Holidays offensive from someone selling Christmas trees.)

I had someone explain to me that when we recognize the existence of God, it makes people who are doing things against what their parents have taught them feel self-conscious or bad. That’s why they insist they shouldn’t have to be faced with it.

Sorry, Charlie, but that doesn’t hold water. Buck up. If it is offensive to hearĀ “Merry Christmas”, it is doubly offensive to reply “You can’t say that.”

You are NOT Morally Superior. You just have too big an Ego.