Proof of God

Love. Seriously. It’s as simple as that.

There is a Theory of Evolution. People believe it and trust in it, even though it is full of holes. For it to be true, some plants and animals such as the platypus would have to evolve from separate distinct lineages that can’t reproduce together. Microevolution has been proven. Macroevolution has not and at this point still is tough to defend, even for die-hard scientists, other than it makes sense or is the best theory we have (in the absence of God, of course.)

But even Evolution does not explain Love. Where does it come from? What is it scientifically? What makes us have those “feelings” and how can they be measured? What about Love at first site?

Other emotions are equally puzzling to explain and measure scientifically. Awe. Empathy. Virtue. Integrity. Humor. Appreciation for music and art. Why are smiles contagious. Spirituality. Belief in God?

Scientists might say some of these releases serotonin and other neurotransmitters in the brain that makes us feel good. Why? How?

I am not saying these emotions are linked solely to humans. But to sacrifice one’s own life to serve another is not evolutionarily advantageous. If evolution was 100% true, then those willing to go to war would be wiped out and no wars would exist. (Okay, this begs another article for later…)

Sadly, there is the antithesis to these emotions which are egotism, self-aggrandizement, selfishness, anger, lust, greed, and hate. These emotions DO make sense from an evolutionary point of view. There are parts of the world where these emotions and characteristics are cultivated and prized. They have won evolutionarily. There are many who out of love and tolerance feel that these “values” should be taught in America as well. Ouch! That is just stupid. “Since my values accept rape, and you have to accept my values, I get to rape your daughters.” Ay yai yai!

Getting back to the original topic: Hence, comes the Christian/Jewish (and many other religions) statements, in one form or another, that God is Love. And that there IS a Satan who wants to separate us from that Love.

Many have discovered their relationship to God through prayer. Many have received revelations and healings unexplainable by today’s scientists through prayer. They have felt the strength of others praying for them through trials. Miracles happen.

Science is not the all-knowing maharaji it pretends to be. In truth, it is still in is its infant stages. But there are those who believe scienceĀ over religion because they want to be able to make their own rules about morality and don’t like believing in consequences to sin. You can mold and ply science to make it say whatever you want. People say that of the religion as well, and there is some truth in that.

I believe in God. I know there is a God. I have experienced personal revelation and miracles in this life. I know that God is aware of me, and that he loves me with a love that is far greater than any love I have for my awesome family. He loves me with a love greater than any human is capable of.

He is aware of my trials and wants what is best for me. I don’t always see that. But this life is just a minor part of an eternal existence and has its purposes and trials. Just as we had to take stupid and sometimes miserable tests to graduate from high school and college, we have to go through trials in this life that we don’t choose or see purpose in.

I trust in God and his judgments for my life and this earth. I look forward to the time I get to see him again. I am grateful for his love for me and the many gifts he has put here on the earth for us to enjoy. I pray each day that I will be able to share that love and trust in God with others and bring them some of the beauty in my soul that I feel. A beauty renewed each day with smiles from others, as well as beautiful music and the beautiful land in which I live.

May each person reading this experience this sure knowledge as well, I pray.