If you get a gaggle of scientists together, they will not agree on every point.

Some scientists have Ph.D.s only because they were able to stay in school long enough and impress enough teachers to get them out of their classes. It doesn’t mean they have any critical thinking skills whatsoever. They can just pass tests.

Others have worked in the industry, made mistakes, and had to rethink what they did wrong so that they can make their product or method work for the company that employs them.

And then there are those in ivory towers who are paid big bucks to “prove” something, and if the results are not to the liking of the those with the big bucks, they are defunded. So “science” flies out the window in the name of money.

Add to that the fact that we all look at the world through slightly different glasses and it would be rare indeed, to get a roomful of experts to totally agree.