The Rabbit Wish

** SPOILER **  I have boxed myself into a corner on this. The story is NOT going the way I want it to . HELP!!!  It is not finished!


Alice loved playing outside with her friends, chasing them, having them chase her, climbing trees, and rolling and tumbling in the grass. She loved the feel of the creek water through her toes as  she tried to catch tadpoles. She loved lying in the grass and looking at the clouds or reading a book. This was heaven to her.

She was also a four-leaf clover fanatic. She had one book at home with four-leaf clovers in it. She hoped to fill it with one on each and every page!

So today, as she lay in the grass, she started searching through the clovers. She smiled as she picked a beautiful four-leafer.  This would go well in her collection!

She became aware of someone, or something, else nearby engaged in the clovers as well. She glanced over and saw a beautiful brown rabbit.

Quietly and quickly, she reached over and grabbed the rabbit by the foot!

“Hey!” yelled the rabbit! “Let me go!”

Talking animals? Really? Alice looked around. Everyone had always made fun of her calling her “Alice in Wonderland” and now she had a real, live, talking rabbit in her grasp? How could that be? Everyone knows there is no such thing as a talking rabbit. This was just plain silly.

But at the same time, Alice, whether she was dreaming or not, didn’t want to give up on the chance to get something good.

“All right, Mr. Rabbit. I have your foot. With all this good luck, you would think I would get a wish. Is that right.”

The rabbit looked at her. “Well, that’s not really how it goes. You just get extra good luck. But I’ll give you a wish if you let go of my foot! This is really awkward and I went to get back to the clover!”

Alice knew immediately what she wanted. “Okay, here’s the wish. I want everyone to be nice to everyone else.”  Alice had often pondered about making a wish, and this is what she had decided to ask for the situation ever arose!

“Hold your horses! I mean, DON’T hold my foot. Let’s start with you being nice to ME and letting go. I promise not to run off,” said the Rabbit.

“Oh, sorry. I was trying to be gentle,” explained Alice. She let go. “Now do I get the wish?”

“Well, yes and no. I can make everyone in your family be nice to everyone they know for one day. Will that do?” asked the Rabbit.

“One day? That’s not very long. And what about school? Can you make everyone there nice, too?” asked Alice.

“I can only make your class nice, not the whole school. Meet me back here in tomorrow at 4:00 and report what you have learned,” said Mr. Rabbit. Then he hopped off.

Alice started planning on getting together a great big carrot salad when she returned the next day.


Alice went home. As she walked in the door, she smelled something baking. Chocolate chip cookies! Wow! She wondered what the special occasion was.

Her brother Bob was setting the table. Her sister Cynthia was sorting laundry in the next room with Mom. And Jack was emptying all the wastebaskets in the house. This was great! Everyone was being polite and saying “please” and “thank you.”  Alice was so pleased with herself.

In addition to the cookies, Mom had a pot roast in the oven, her Dad’s favorite. As the cookies came out of the oven, she asked her children if they wanted some. Before dinner! And each child said “no” because they wanted to pack them up to take them to someone else.

The family ate a quick dinner, with everyone helping and smiling and being polite. Then they all cleaned up quickly and went to work making packages of cookies to take to the neighbors and friends.

After dinner, April asked if Dad could please drive her to the store to “get a few things” and he happily obliged. She bought some lettuce and carrots at the grocery store. Then she was able to talk him into getting some flowers to plant in their front yard as well as some of the neighbors.

When she got back to the house, she grabbed a flashlight and went with her sister to start planting the flowers. As they were working, mom came outside. She was delighted!

“Oh, how beautiful! But you will need to finish that tomorrow. Now it’s time for bed.”

Andrea and Cynthia looked at each other. Bed? But there was so much to do! Still, they realized they had to obey their mother. Reluctantly, they trudged inside. They cleaned up their mess, took their baths, brushed their teeth, said their prayers, and … oh NO! Andrea hadn’t done a bit of homework! Oh, well, she had done so many more important things!

As she drifted off to sleep, she couldn’t help but be pleased with all the wonderful things that had happened that day.