The World is Going to End!!!!

Since tomorrow is the end of the world, I want to thank God before it is all over for a wonderful life. Terrific husband. Children and their families that bring no end of joy in my life. Super friends. Wonderful extended family. A beautiful world full of surprises.
I’m thankful for great foods, great music, lovely mountains and trees and birds and animals. I’m thankful for the sounds of crickets and chipmunks and roosters as I type this. I’m thankful for a big breath of fresh air. The world is full of glorious things.
If the world ends tomorrow, we’ll all be in a better spirit world. I know that. Eternal life is a fact. We all have challenges in this life, but the challenges end. Our attitudes, our love for others, they don’t end. So if we become bitter, that will rise with us. 
I don’t think the world will end. I don’t even think I personally will be dying. But I know there is a wonderful life after this one and a loving, fair God who is in control. And for those who say he isn’t fair, that is myopic. In the long-range scheme of the eternities, this life is but a short lesson teaching our spirits what they need to learn.