My friend Sara wrote me an email last night and said that she was cold. The heat was out in her house. She is there alone with her 14 year old and can’t find someone to come fix it. I wrote her back and asked if she wanted some room heaters since we have a couple extras sitting around.  She never answered. Well, Sara is like that.

I know her number by heart, but it is not stored in my phone. I called her all day, both from my cell and my house phone. No answer. She apparently called me back when I was gone at 7 pm and didn’t leave a message, but there was a little talking in the background I couldn’t make out.

I called her back at 8 and a male answered. Too old for her son, it had to be her boyfriend that she just broke up with. Maybe he was helping her with the heat? But I knew he had a temper.

“Hi. This is Debbie. Is this Calvin?”

“Uh huh?”

“Sara said her heat wasn’t working. Is it fixed? Do you have heat?”


“Can I talk to Sara?”

“Be quick”

“Okay”  I wait for about 20 seconds. “Do you need my heaters?”

“uh huh”

“Oooo – kkaaayyyy. I will be there in fifteen minutes.”

So I load two space heaters in the car and take off for Sara’s. I am embarrassed to tell the hubby what is happening, so I call D in Florida and give her the details in case they have to look for my dead body.

I pull up behind Sara’s. Every light in the house is on. But nobody comes to the door. I call the number again, no answer. No doorbell. Finally, I see a face peeking out of the kitchen door. It’s Sara. I smile and wave and call her name.

She perks up and comes out. But she didn’t know I was coming. Calvin hadn’t been there and didn’t have her phone. Oops. I had the wrong phone number the whole time. In fact, in retrospect, I probably interrupted someone’s pot smoking party.

Now the question is, do I have more fun with this? Call and tell them to run, the police are coming? Or that if they use nail polish to make a red X on their forehead they aren’t legally allowed to be charged if they are caught smoking pot because they are part of a legitimate research project at the nearest university? Or that I just found out they batch they are using is contaminated and will make their privates fall off?

Let me know if you’d like the number!