What do I do?

Goodness, I get asked that a lot. People are defined by their employment, how they earn money. I have had a number of jobs, and they worked out well but things “came up” and I moved on to other things. Some were projects with finite time frames. In other situations, I moved or had familial responsibilities and had to quit. For a while, health issues kept me from working. I started my own business fixing computers, specializing in seniors. Then the laws and tax consequences made it virtually impossible. And I am a lousy business person because I hate to charge people.

Fortunately, I am very frugal and can live on the allowance my husband allocates to me.

I have a BS in Chemistry from William and Mary, most of the Masters in Economics from SUNY at Buffalo (I was transferred and never finished), and speak French, German, Flemish (awkwardly) as well as Signed English. I have lived in eight states and two countries. I have been to over 40 states, spending at least two nights in each. I also have about a dozen foreign countries in my count.

So now I am a professional volunteer. I still help people with computers. I am on the board of a food pantry. I just gave up presidency of a civic organization. I was just elected President of another civic organization. I maintain 13 webpages, mostly for nonprofits. I am active in a small musical group. I am taking piano and ukulele lessons. I teach music to children at church. I have four children spread from Florida to Alaska. I have two grandchildren, also far away. I have about 20 seniors that I check on regularly and try to help out as needed.

Now for fun, I have a few hobbies: music (mostly recorder), photography, embroidery, genealogy, homeopathy, herbs, other natural healing techniques (traditional medicine has not worked out very well for me), greeting cards, politics, stained glass, and well, I love being a Latter-day Saint.

I collect smiles.

So there you have it.